Walt Disney World. Where Dreams Come True






With more places to go, more things to see and more Disney Characters to meet, there's
never been a better time to make the dream come true at the Walt Disney World® Resort.
Enjoy a week-long vacation experience highlighted by four not-to-be-missed Theme Parks,
each with a unique version of Disney magic. Discover a world of entertainment and family
fun that knows no boundaries. Choose from 23 imaginative Resorts and explore endless
world-class shopping, dining and recreation.

Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World Resorts Hotels

There are more great reasons than ever to stay at a Walt Disney World® Resort Hotel. Disney Resort benefits make a Walt Disney World® vacation fun, relaxing and worry-free with a wide variety of Disney Resort amenities and programs.

Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

You will enjoy a Disney vacation that's more affordable, more flexible and more relaxing than ever before! We know you will
like Magic Your Way Vacations so much; you’ll want to return again and again. After all, the more relaxing and enjoyable the trip, the greater likelihood of return!

Disney World Theme Parks

Make dreams come true in four uniquely themed parks, each
with its own special version of Disney magic! Fantasy becomes real and reality becomes fantastic as you relive childhood memories and create new ones.

Then hit the beach, slides and surf of Disney's two watery playgrounds. Splash into a world of fun and thrilling attractions for big kahunas and shore huggers of all ages.

Disney World Dining Plans

There are over 500 places to order food at Walt Disney World. Disney offers different dining plans to accomdate your needs.

Shoping, Entertainment, Sports & Recreation

Disney World offers activities for the whole family.